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Walnuts Have Amazing Health Benefits – Here is what you should know.


Did you ever notice the similarity in the appearance of a walnut and a brain?

I think it’s nature’s way of telling us that it is “smart” to eat them. (not brains, nuts- just to be clear.)

Here are some of the outcomes from various studies cited in the Journal, Royal Society of Chemistry.

According to them, it appears that walnuts reign as the master nut(and all this time I thought that was me).

They studied both raw and roasted and there was not enough of a difference to choose one over the other so pick your poison. Raw or roasted, you can’t go wrong and if you choose walnuts over some chemically-laden processed snack you really will be choosing health over poison.


  1. Provide a feeling of satiety or fullness.
  2. They are high in beneficial unsaturated healthy fats
  3. Are low in saturated fat
  4. They are high in fiber
  5. Very high in antioxidants
  6. Increase elevated resting energy expenditure and elicit a thermogenic effect of feeding which means you are burning more calories while doing nothing.
  7. Lowers cholesterol likely due to polyphenols.
  8. Higher in polyphenols than all other nuts(Brazil, hazelnut, peanut, pecan, cashew, Macadamia, almond, and pistachio.)
  9. Improves endothelial function(heart and blood vessel health).
  10. Makes a healthy nutritious snack that does not cause weight gain when eaten in moderation.

I like to eat 1/4 cup of raw walnuts with two pieces of dark chocolate every day at around 3:00 pm. That is when I usually start to crave a snack.

Another way to add some walnuts to your diet is to add them to your salad. Here is a recipe for spinach salad with apples, walnuts, cranberries, and feta cheese. Yum.

You can certainly just toss them into your regular garden salad though which adds a nice crunch and additional flavor.




The Health Benefits of Walnuts