Lisa Manzer

Lisa Manzer

RN, BSN, Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Certified Food Allergy and Intolerance Coach, Herbalist

I am a retired RN BSN with a certification in Health and Nutrition Coaching.

I have been happily married for many years(28 years as of this writing 2/12/21. My husband and I have between us 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren.

I live an active healthy life and enjoy gardening, hiking, motorcycle riding, herbalism, and preparing delicious healthy food.

It was not always like that.

As much as I would prefer to tell you the story where the unicorns are shitting rainbows I am not going to.

Here is the ugly truth.

I grew up in a very dysfunctional home (actually more than 13 roughly as I lost count) that consisted of a sprinkling of drugs, too much alcohol, verbal and sexual abuse, and a whole heaping pile of violence.

I did like most kids that survived that kind of childhood. I smoked, drank, did drugs, and got pregnant at the age of 22.

Giving birth to my beautiful baby girl was the wake-up call I needed. I knew I had to do something so she would not have to experience what I went through.

I enrolled in nursing school and started my path toward a better life.  I met a wonderful man to whom I am married today and continued my education in nursing.

Its not time to bring out the unicorns just yet.

I did not learn much about nutrition in nursing school. I remember taking one course which I thoroughly enjoyed, but it barely scratched the surface.

Nursing is based on Western allopathic medicine and is a noble profession. Nurses care for the ill and injured. The principles they use are based on evidence-based medicine and proven techniques in order to provide consistent and effective treatment plans.

My education was based on the premise that if there is an illness we treat the symptoms of the illness.

There was no training that looked at supporting and nourishing the body to prevent disease or treating the cause of the illness as opposed to the symptoms.

I ate and fed my family the way I was taught. We dined on bologna, hot dogs, white bread, and all the sugary treats we could get our hands on.

I suffered for over 17 years with inflammatory bowel disease which depleted my body and prevented absorption of many necessary nutrients.

I was taking medication for my heart(paroxysmal A-Fib), GERD, Barret’s Esophagus, chronic diarrhea, and thyroid.

I was low in B12, iron, and had osteopenia (beginning stage of osteoporosis).

My quality of life suffered because of my unpredictable sprints to the bathroom and having to tote air freshener wherever I went. Not ideal in the middle of a meeting with a room full of medical directors. (ask me how I know this.)

After multiple specialists failed to help me, I decided to change my lifestyle. I did a ton of research and started eating clean healthy food that was nutrient-dense and good for my gut.

This one thing changed my life. I am now off all medications except a very low dose of Synthroid.

I feel amazing and better now than I did 10 years ago.

I have to tell you though, It is not just about food; it is about lifestyle.

Moving our bodies, connecting with nature, connecting with our families and friends, slowing down, and connecting with ourselves.

If you want to learn more and join me on this journey to wellbeing,  Start here.

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    1. Jeff Watson

      Lisa, I love your blog! Thanks for telling me about it.

      • Lisa Manzer

        I am so glad you like it.. I have a lot of fun with it..

    2. Sue

      I stumbled on your blog via your chicken broth recipe, liked what I read and think I’ll stay 🙂

      • Lisa Manzer

        Hi Sue,
        so glad to hear it. Thanks and have a great day!

    3. Brian Smith

      are you using sweetened cranberries, if not where do you find unsweetened?

      • Lisa Manzer

        Hi Brian, I do not use unsweetened dried cranberries. They would certainly be healthier without the added sugar but I think they would be way too tart for me. I think you are referring to my spinach salad recipe and if so it serves 4 so each serving would only be 1/8 of a cup of dried cranberries. You can certainly omit them or use a sweeter fruit that has no added sugar like dried cherries or raisins. Let me know if you make it and what you think 🙂


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