Gifting and Giving


One of the best joys in life is creating joy in someone else’s life.

Doing something nice—- just—- because.

It’s an act of love and it spreads like wildfire.

When someone does something nice for me or says something nice to me it makes me want to spread that love.

An example is when we first moved into our new home 8 years ago, the neighbors brought us over a gift certificate for a pizza. They knew that just moving in and having everything in boxes is stressful, exhausting, and it makes it hard to cook dinner.

What a thoughtful thing to do for a complete stranger.

As the houses started to go up around us we did the same thing and many of our new neighbors did also. It was a great way to meet each other and make newcomers feel welcome. It was so cool how this gesture continued by many because of the act of one.

Remember the movie “Pay it Forward”? One of my favorites.

What a better world we would be living in if everyone had that motto.

And, It is just as important to gift ourselves.

Working hard, caring for others, feeling stress and anxiety leave little room to do nice things for ourselves.

Many times we are grabbing something quick to eat on the run, not taking the time to exercise, and definitely not taking the time to relax and replenish.

One of the best gifts for ourselves or our loved ones is the gift of health.

Starting new habits like gardening, eating well, or just a nice soak in the tub with some herbal salts can be incredibly therapeutic.

Whether you gift someone else or yourself you are creating a positive impact. A ripple of energy in the universe.

Even you don’t have a lot of money to buy gifts you can make lovely DIY and handmade gifts.

Even giving your time won’t cost a penny. Raking someone’s leaves or giving them a casserole unexpectedly makes some of the best gifts. 

These are gifts from the heart.