To educate as many people as possible regarding the villainous actions of big corporations to deceive and manipulate all for the sake of making money.

To inform as many folks as I can that these companies intentionally lie and market false information knowing they are wreaking havoc on our health causing pain, suffering, and death.

To support my readers to live a more self-reliant, sustainable, healthier, and happier life.


I dream there will be a rebellion against big corporations. People by the thousands and hundreds of thousands will stop buying their garbage crap food. These enlightened people will start buying fresh organic produce and making their own food at home. They will start gardens in their backyards and in their community free spaces. There will be fresh vegetables growing in parks and schoolyards. There will be an abundance of food to share with the community and anybody that needs a helping hand.

I dream that heart disease, cancer, and stroke will no longer be the number one cause of death any longer because enlightened people will be actively working in their gardens. Because they will be eating nutrient-dense, whole, fresh, and vibrant fruits and vegetables. And because they will have less stress because of a deepening connection with nature, their families, and their community.


I will not sell any idea or physical item that I do not personally believe in. I will not provide information that is not evidence-based. I research all material before I post it to ensure it meets the highest standards. If any information is not correct, I expect to be informed by my readers and will make any necessary corrections to that article/post.