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Diet is the number one cause of death in America!


According to the World Health Organization, the US is ranked as one of the highest with risks of death due to chronic disease(aka, poor diet, and a sedentary lifestyle).

Can’t find the US on the chart below?

That is because you are not scrolling down far enough.

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We are all the way down at #34.

Why do you think that is?

Diet and exercise!

or should I say poor diet and lack of exercise?

Referenced from Americas Health Rankings (2019)

Rank Country Risk of death from non-communicable disease[2]
1  South Korea 8.3%
2   Switzerland 8.7%
3  Japan 8.8%
4  Australia 8.9%
5  Sweden 9.1%
6  Italy 9.4%
7  Israel 9.5%
8  Norway 9.6%
9  Luxembourg 9.7%
10  Canada 9.8%
11  Spain 10.0%
12  Singapore 10.1%
13  Finland 10.1%
14  Ireland 10.3%
15  New Zealand 10.4%
16  Malta 10.5%
17  France 10.9%
18  Netherlands 11.0%
19  United Kingdom 11.0%
20  Costa Rica 11.1%
21  Austria 11.2%
22  Portugal 11.3%
23  Chile 11.5%
24  Cyprus 11.5%
25  Denmark 11.6%
26  Belgium 11.6%
27  Germany 12.0%
28  Greece 12.3%
29  Maldives 12.4%
30  Brunei 12.6%
31  Peru 12.7%
32  Ecuador 13.1%
33  Slovenia 13.2%
34  United States 13.6%
35  Panama 13.7%
36  Honduras 13.9%
37  Qatar 14.2%
38  El Salvador 14.2%
39  Colombia 14.6%
40  Albania 14.7%

Suicide rates continue to increase!

Drug deaths continue to climb!

Obesity among adults has increased over 166% in the past 30 years(what????– let me repeat that- 166%) holy big mac batman!)

Diabetes has reached its highest prevalence!

There are 3 major players that are monopolizing our world. I like to call them the evil triplets. Big Ag, Big Pharma, and Big Food. They all depend on one another to thrive.

These are multitrillion-dollar industries with political ties and manipulation tactics that only an industry like Big Tobacco could really appreciate.

These big corporations are getting super-rich and they are doing this by using some very high tech sneaky tricks.

Manipulation in marketing is true science and an art.

There are books, courses, and programs all developed to teach the tricks of the trade.

These are great if you are selling something worthy but when it is used to sell death and suffering then we need to know about it and stop it.

Are you ready to stop being manipulated and controlled?

Are you ready to stop lining these big corporations’ pockets?

Do you want to feel better?

Would you like to prevent or even reverse chronic disease?

How about eliminating your depression and anxiety?

How would you like to increase your energy and vitality?

You can! But you need to stand up against these big greedy corporations!

The revolution starts with us – the consumer.

Let’s beat them! Together!