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Having a successful career does not mean you have to sacrifice your health or the health of your family.

Using time-saving strategies like these can help.

Top 10 Tips


#1. Pre-planning.

I plan all my meals for the week Saturday morning. I list out all the ingredients and make my shopping list. This way I know I will have all the ingredients on hand when I am ready to make my meals. I use Plan to Eat app now and it has changed my life. I know that sounds a little dramatic but honestly, it is ALL THAT! You can try it yourself free for 30 days. You don’t even have to give a credit card number. Just see if it makes your life easier AND saves you money. If you do decide it is a keeper it is very inexpensive and like I said it saves money by helping you be strategic in your meal planning.


#2. Meal prep

I will typically spend about 2 hours on Sunday chopping veggies. I will look at all my meals and chop all the onions, peppers, garlic, parsley, or whatever is needed for those meals. I use my Plan to Eat app as it has a prep list feature. I put all my cut up food into zip-locks or storage containers. When I get done work all I have to do is throw it all together. That hour or two in the kitchen on Sunday makes my life so much easier during the week.


#3. Pressure cooker/instant pot: 

This is one appliance I could not live without. I can throw just about anything in this baby and dinner is done. I use it for steaming, to cook my rice, and when I forget to thaw something out I can throw it in frozen. Wala!  And, everything is done in much less time. So I can get dinner on the table earlier instead of eating right before bed. I actually have two so I can use one for rice or side dish while I am using the other for the main entree. 


#4. Make-ahead meals: 

Cook once and eat multiple times. If you are going to make a pot of spaghetti sauce- triple it!. Place your leftover sauce in canning jars or freezer bags and toss them in the freezer. Same thing with homemade soups, chili, casseroles. You are doing the work anyway so just make bigger batches. I love being able to just open my freezer and find a meal ready for me after a hard stressful day.


#5: Meal kits:

 Just Google these and you will find all sorts of directions and “recipes” to pull these together. Everything gets prepped and put into freezer bags so when you want dinner you just pull the bag out, thaw, and everything is there for you.


#6. Sheet pan meals:

 Everything on one pan and cooked together. Super easy and no clean up(except one pan and your dinner plates).


#7. Use a meal delivery service: 

Many stores now offer grocery delivery. Walmart, Amazon, and many local grocers. If that is not an option Shipt works with multiple stores. You scroll the aisles right from your smartphone, their shoppers do their magic and deliver the groceries right to your door. No more driving in busy weekend traffic, no more impulse buying, and look how much time you will have for other things.


#8. Convert-A-Meals:

 I typically cook one roast each week. Either a chicken, beef, or pork roast. Then I use the leftovers for a completely different meal later in the week. This saves me a ton of time because the meat is already cooked. Think chicken tortilla soup from leftover roast chicken, burrito bowls with leftover pulled pork, or chipotle beef tacos from that pot roast you made 2 nights ago. There are all sorts of meals using cooked meat. I am currently working on a whole convert -A-Meal system and will introduce this to you once done.


#9: Delegation:

This is probably the hardest to initiate. But it is ok to ask for help. Even if it is just asking to take something out of the freezer or peel some potatoes. Every little bit helps and it may actually get the family more involved and excited about this new clean eating way of life.


#10: Go to Meals

For me this is salad: Salad is my go-to meal when I either can’t figure out what to make or just don’t feel like cooking. Grill a chicken breast or just open a can of your favorite beans for some added protein. I typically make a salad once a week. Others may be soup or eggs. Breakfast for dinner anyone? What is your go-to meal?


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Top Ten Tips to Eating Clean and Healthy in Less Time