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The Deep Pantry

Having a deep pantry is one of the ways that will save you time, money, and stress.

There is nothing worse than finding out you are missing a key ingredient just as you start to prepare a meal.

A deep pantry will also provide comfort knowing you have food available in the event of a storm, hurricane, tornado, or a food shortage.

We should all have a little more of a “prepper” mentality after the events that have unfolded with Covid-19.

A deep pantry can sustain you and your family for 2 weeks or 2 years. It all depends on how “deep” it is. You decide how much food and how quickly you want to stock it. It depends on how much money you have to invest.

You can save a ton of money if you preserve or put up food from your own garden or produce you purchase from the farmers market. Read all about different preservation methods here. The advantages and disadvantages along with which method is suited for different type of food.

Ready to start your own garden? Read, How to Start a Garden and Why You Should.

I like to stock my pantry based on sale prices. I will buy multiples when on sale. Buy one get one free (BOGO’s) are a perfect way to get that pantry full.  I rotate so the oldest items get used first and I replace them once used.

I have included a free downloadable pantry planner that you can hang on your cupboard or pantry door.

It contains clean, healthy food items only. Not saying you can’t stock some special treats, but there is nothing worse than being locked inside the house with a bunch of sugary junk food calling your name.

If you want to learn more about clean eating and why you should start NOW! Download my free E-book, which includes several recipes to get you started.

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The Deep Pantry Planner For Clean Eating Kitchens

Free downloadable Pantry Planner, so you never have to run out of a key recipe ingredient ever again.



How to Organize a Deep Pantry