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You Need to Start a Garden Now!

How to Start a Garden and Why you Should

Thinking about starting a garden but not sure how to start?

In this article we will discus why you should start and how to get started with your garden.

Even if you think you don’t have a green thumb, or maybe you think it will be too much work. 

I am here to tell you that you can do it and you should.

We are heading for tough times, my friends, and here is why you need to start a garden now.

Reason #1: Food Security

According to some economists, we are heading for a global depression. Many others are predicting at least a lengthy recession.

Have you noticed the price of food already going up? 

Now they are talking about the price of oil increasing, which we know causes the price of everything to go up.

COVID-19 has not just created a local burden to our country but one of global impact. 

Not a single country has been spared.

Life is not going to magically get better once the vaccines roll out. Many businesses will never reopen. 

The unemployed may not be able to find gainful work.

The economic inequalities will divide even further.  

Now add to that the politically strained relationships we have with other countries and now we have a perfect recipe for trade wars and shortages.

Every day, I see unrest, anger, violence, and division among our parties and ourselves.

Our environment is failing faster than we can correct it. Our world is changing and out of control.

Reason #2: Our health

We know how important it is to avoid all the chemicals, preservatives, and toxins that are being put in our food.

Even when we buy organic the standards are subpar.

On top of that, we are a society that has grown accustomed to having everything done for us. We don’t even have to drive to the grocery store anymore if we don’t want to.

We can sit at our computer, order our food, and have it delivered to our door.

Most food has already been packaged up and ready to throw in the oven or microwave. I don’t even have to open the frozen green beans as they come in a microwavable bag.

How crazy is that?

We work harder and harder so we can spend more and more money.

We are getting more and more stressed both emotionally and physically. We are moving less, getting sick, fat, and depressed.

If we could grow our food we would know how it was grown.

We would be able to eat it immediately while it is at its peak of nutrition or put it up for the winter ensuring our deep pantries are stocked and ready for the next pandemic or food shortage or whatever else might pop up that we weren’t expecting.

Solar flare anyone?

It would also force us to move our body, get out in the fresh air and sun and increase our stamina, strength, and improve our physical and emotional health.

Planning now can provide security for our future, save us money, and help us maintain or improve our health. 

You might just start a little at a time but the long-term payout could be extraordinary.

I am not an expert but I have been doing a lot of research. I am drawn to the ideology of permaculture and will be studying and practicing these concepts.

Permaculture is not gardening per se but an ideology of whole systems working together in harmony.

 I want to share everything I learn including mistakes so perhaps you can also start the journey without fear or reservation.

I stumbled on an amazing website. They offer a free year-long permaculture course(#freepermaculture For Everyone!). I am enrolled now and love it. They do offer a paid certification course but do not push it.

They also accept donations but do not ask. Even a small donation would be well worth all the value they are providing.

They truly present as having a true desire to share and make an impact on the world.

How refreshing is that?

How to get started 

Start where you are

What I mean is that we shouldn’t wait for someday to roll around.

We don’t have to wait to buy a house and a huge piece of property.

The gal that runs the free permaculture course wrote a book that I just ordered.

It is called, “Food not Lawns” by H.C. Flores. We can grow food anywhere.

Even if all you have is a window sill or patio.

If you have a small patch of yard think about filling it with vegetables.

There is so much we can do in even a very small space.

Just think if everyone did that?

Just imagine if every schoolyard, park, free space was filled with gardens how much food would be available to those in need.

Start educating yourself

Read books, watch YouTube videos, subscribe to #freepermaculture For Everyone!.

Next time you are out, stop at your local nursery or home improvement store.

Just walk through the garden center and take a peek at the plants and seeds and allow yourself to get excited about all the possibilities.

Here are a few resources to help you get started.


Gaia’s Garden

Food Not Lawns

Practical PERMA-culture

Restoration Agriculture


Free Permaculture Year-Long Course

Growing our food can improve our health, make us less dependent, and can provide us with an amazing connection to nature, our communities, and ourselves.

I find it to be an amazing spiritual journey when I am in my garden.

Feeling the warmth of the sun, watching seedlings emerge from the soil, smelling the earth and leaves, watching the bees and bugs do their part in this beautiful world make me realize how interconnected we all are. 

Government, big corporations, and powerful greedy entities all know that “Who controls the food controls the people”(borrowed from Henry Kissinger).

We can take our power back, feel better, and help others one garden at a time.

Let’s grow together.

Shall we?

How to Start a Garden and Why You Should